How to Decide if Funeral Home or Cremations Service in Nashville, TN is Right for You

Nowadays, many people are choosing cremation care as a reasonable alternative to traditional burial. This ongoing shift in death care is due to changing attitudes and perspectives, ever-increasing burial costs, and the mobile nature of today’s society. But despite the rising popularity of funeral home and cremations in Nashville, TN, not everyone chooses it for themselves or their loved ones. Cremation is a choice that should be evaluated in the context of your culture, religion, family, and finances.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

nashville tn funeral home and cremationsMany people look to their community and faith to help them understand whether cremation care is an acceptable choice. Many cultures and religions leave the decision to cremate up to the individual. Some communities and faith groups strictly forbid the practice, and others encourage it. As you review your options, it’s a good idea to consult with a spiritual leader about the teachings of your faith about cremation. You can also observe any cultural practices on the matter and discuss it with family and others in your community.

Family Customs and Traditions

Families often share strong bonds that connect them in identity and world view. Their shared history and heritage can be an important factor when considering whether a funeral home and cremations in Nashville, TN is the best choice. If you’re thinking about cremation as an option for you or a deceased loved one, consider getting input from members of your family, particularly if their feedback on the matter would be important to you. If family customs or traditions are on your mind, a conversation with a trusted family member could be insightful.

Financial Considerations

Cremation tends to be much less expensive than traditional casket burial. However, the total cost depends on the associated costs of the funeral or memorial service you choose to conduct. Like most things in life, you can easily increase the price by adding service amenities and benefits to the ceremony. Prices can also vary depending on your location. Cities and states will differ in average cost for service, so take time to shop for the best value in your local market.

Environmental Concerns

Cremation is viewed as a more favorable means of caring for mortal remains because it is considered more environmentally gentle than a traditional burial. Embalming chemical use is not required, nor is the purchase of a large casket, often made with products and materials that do not easily degrade. If the environment is an important concern for your family, cremation may be the right choice.

Personal Deliberations

 In death, the body undergoes unavoidable changes that return it to the basic elements from which it is made. In burial, decomposition is the process by which the body changes. In cremation, the change process occurs by heat. Consider your thoughts and feelings carefully and decide if you prefer one change method over the other.

Cremation Service Options

Choosing cremation does not limit you or your family from holding a traditional funeral service and viewing if desired. Rather, it provides several funeral and memorial options, including the following:

  • Traditional funeral service with a viewing, followed by cremation
  • Traditional funeral service with no viewing, followed by cremation
  • Memorial service, with burial or disposition of the ashes afterward.
  • No funeral home services or memorial, direct cremation services only

In today’s world, families and friends who would gather for a loved one’s commemorative funeral or memorial are often spread across far distances, making it difficult to gather quickly for a traditional burial. In these situations, some families choose to cremate their loved one right away and plan a convenient time for all to gather at a later date for a memorial service. Memorials are much the same as funerals in purpose and form, providing a gathering place for all to attend and remember the fallen.

Caring for the Ashes

There is no right or wrong way to care for the ashes of a loved one. Many families choose to bury them in a fixed location, much like a traditional gravesite. They may also choose to place the ashes in a cremation niche in a mausoleum or columbarium. Others choose to keep them in an urn at home. They may even choose to divide the ashes among several urns and shared with those who would like to keep a small part of their loved one close. Still, others prefer to scatter the ashes of their loved one in a place that has special meaning. Be sure to check local laws before scattering ashes if this is the preferred choice of caring for your loved one.

Professional Funeral Home and Cremations in Nashville, TN

Cremation Society of Tennessee is a compassionate and qualified provider of funeral home and cremations in Nashville, TN. Contact us for a conversation today. Our facility is located at 2014 Elmer Pogue Dr Ste 102 Columbia, TN 38401. Call us at (615) 302-4842.

Cremation FAQs

Is cremation affordable?

It can be done for a much lower cost than a traditional burial. However, the total cost can increase and become comparable in price if additional services are requested. The advantage of cremation is the option to avoid spending money on a casket, cemetery plot, or many funeral home services.

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Where should I buy an urn or ash container?

A quality funeral home and cremation service center will have urns available to choose from, but you can purchase them from other vendors as well, including some big box retail stores. Check our available urns today.

Is embalmment required before cremation?

Not for a basic cremation. But if the body of your loved one will be present for a viewing or funeral service, then yes, it must be embalmed according to the law.

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quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations

quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations
The Cremation Society of Tennessee met our needs as a family, in a manner that exceeded my expectations. Christopher was supportive and allowed us the freedom to design our own specific service in a manner that differs so much from the usual cookie cutter approach to funerals and memorial services.

— Mike Harkeader, Brentwood, TN