Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Home and Cremations Service in Franklin, TN

franklin tn funeral home and cremationsEven when death is expected, no one is fully prepared for how emotionally difficult the experience can be. Fortunately, there are qualified funeral home and cremations service professionals in Franklin, TN that can support your family in their moment of need. But as a customer, what do you need to know about cremation care? Are there important details that will help you to make the best decisions for your lost loved one and family? We think so.

That’s why we’ve provided the following FAQ list about cremation services in our community. If someone close to you has passed away and your family is considering cremation, here are several things to know about it:

  • Is cremation affordable? It can be done for a much lower cost than a traditional burial. However, the total cost can increase and become comparable in price if additional services are requested. The advantage of cremation is the option to avoid spending money on a casket, cemetery plot, or many funeral home services.
  • How long does cremation take? Generally, cremation takes about 2-3 hours to perform, followed by a cooling period. Afterward, the remains are processed to resemble a uniform, coarse sand.
  • How long of a waiting period is there before a cremation can take place? Most waiting periods are about 48 to 72 hours. The next-of-kin and medical examiner must authorize the cremation before it can take place.
  • Where should I buy an urn or ash container? A quality funeral home and cremations service center in Franklin, TN will have urns available to choose from, but you can purchase them from other vendors as well, including some big box retail stores. Look online for additional options.
  • Is embalmment required before cremation? Not for a basic cremation. But if the body of your loved one will be present for a viewing or funeral service, then yes, it must be embalmed according to the law.
  • What should be done with the ashes? It is a matter of personal preference where you decide to lay your loved one to rest. Some families choose to keep the ashes in an urn at home, while others prefer to scatter them in a meaningful location. Others will bury them in a columbarium, an urn garden, or place them in a cremation niche in a mausoleum. The choice is yours.
  • Can the ashes be buried similar to a traditional burial? Your preferred cemetery may have some requirements regarding the location in their gardens where you can bury the ashes, but it is completely normal and appropriate to bury your loved one and place a commemorative marker or gravestone.
  • Is cremation appropriate in my faith tradition? Many religions honor and accept a cremation as an optional means of caring for mortal remains. It’s best to check with a spiritual leader for details about the teachings of your faith on the topic, but the ultimate decision is always yours to make.
  • Are memorial services required? There is no requirement to hold a memorial. However, the benefits of holding a memorial service are inestimable. Memorial service honors the life of the fallen, their character and accomplishments, story, triumphs, challenges, etc. It provides a place where family and friends can find support in their personal anguish that death has occurred.
  • Can I pre-arrange cremation care for myself or a loved one? Yes, you can. Pre-need planning services for future funeral and cremation care are commonly arranged, sometimes even decades in advance of death. Contact a professional with the Cremation Society of Tennessee for details on this option.

Choosing a Cremation Service

There are a handful of cremation service providers in the greater community, but not all are equally matched in service or experience. It is important to understand that some providers outsource the actual cremation service to third party facilities. In some cases, the body of a loved one will be shipped across state lines to a distant location for processing.

The Cremation Society of Tennessee refuses to operate that way. When you trust us to care for your loved one in death, we honor that trust by completing the process in-house at our local crematorium. Our crematory care staff are certified by the Cremation Association of North America, a premier cremation organization in the world.

It’s also important to note that you can personalize services for your deceased loved one. Our compassionate team of cremation care professionals is honored by the opportunity to help you celebrate the life of the fallen. If you wish to customize the final goodbye, talk with us about how we can support you.

Compassionate Funeral Home and Cremations Service in Franklin, TN

Cremation Society of Tennessee is a leading funeral and cremations service provider in Franklin, TN. Our service facility is located at 2014 Elmer Pogue Dr Ste 102 Columbia, TN 38401. Call us for a friendly conversation about how we can assist you at (615) 302-4842.

Cremation FAQs

How long does the actual cremation take?

Depending on weight, cremation takes from two to three hours. Contact us now for more information.

What are the advantages of direct cremation?

With direct cremation, a person’s body is cremated and their remains are given to their family without any further pomp and circumstance. Here are some of the advantages of this kind of cremation.

  • Easy to plan
  • More affordable compared to other options
  • Flexible
  • Less stressful

To learn more about direct cremation benefits, click here

What kind of container houses the cremated remains?

Regulations only require a bag or box, but Cremation Society of Tennessee’s merchandise offers a variety of beautiful and affordable urns.

quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations

quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations
The Cremation Society of Tennessee met our needs as a family, in a manner that exceeded my expectations. Christopher was supportive and allowed us the freedom to design our own specific service in a manner that differs so much from the usual cookie cutter approach to funerals and memorial services.

— Mike Harkeader, Brentwood, TN