How to Plan a Funeral Home and Cremations Service in Columbia, TN

Planning and carrying out a service to commemorate a loved one is no easy task to do alone. That’s where a professional funeral home and cremations provider in Columbia, TN can be a great help. While there are no right or wrong ways to hold a remembrance service, there are several best practices that have proven to make the occasion more memorable.

Choose a Tribute Type

columbia tn funeral home and cremationsFunerals and memorial services are much the same in purpose, but have one important difference. In a funeral service, the remains of the deceased are present. In a memorial, the body is not there. If cremation has occurred, the ashes may be present.

If you choose to hold a funeral home and cremations in Columbia, TN, you’ll want to consider whether you would like to have a viewing and funeral ceremony with the body present before cremation services. Some families need to be with the body of their loved one during their final farewell. For others, this is not a priority. Keep in mind that any public display of the body, such as viewing or funeral, will require embalmment.

If your family prefers the simplicity of cremation, you will have the flexibility of planning the memorial tribute at a convenient time when all can gather. This benefit is appreciated by many families who wish to gather their thoughts and have a bit more time to prepare for a memorial experience.

Celebrate Their Life

In both funeral and memorial services, the life of the deceased needs to be celebrated and remembered for who they were on this earth. Their life story, character, accomplishments, victories, challenges, memories, and stories should be cherished by all who attend the service.

A personalized remembrance service is a great comfort to all who attend. Each individual who knew the deceased in life will be lifted and comforted by internalizing the memory of that person and their relationship with them.

It’s easy for funeral and memorial services to become weighed down with tradition and ceremony. While these things can be meaningful and contribute to the experience, be sure the tribute does not lose sight of the person for whom survivors have gathered to remember.

Carry Out the Cremation Process

The process of cremation is highly regulated and easy to understand. Details may vary by state, but on the whole, it involves the following process steps:

  • Funeral director and staff support
  • Removal of the body from the place of death to funeral home or care center
  • Chain of custody control of mortal remains to track and identify a loved one through the process
  • Transfer and cremation service
  • Ashes placed in a container
  • Delivery of ashes to family or per instructions
  • Cremation paperwork completed and filed
  • Compassionate follow up and support as needed

Select Final Resting Place

Cremation services are simply a means of caring for the mortal remains of the deceased, but it is not their final resting place. That honor is reserved for the family to decide upon. Whether the ashes of their loved one are placed in a personalized urn or scattered in a beautiful place is their choice to make.

Some families recognize the value of a dedicated place where friends and family can come again and again to visit their lost loved ones. For this reason, some families choose to place the deceased’s ashes in a columbarium, an urn garden, or a cremation niche in a community mausoleum. Others find it fulfilling to mix the ashes into a fabricated cremation bench, or other memorials, such as a headstone, grave marker with the deceased’s name engraved on it.

When Life Ends: Important Thoughts to Consider About Cremation Care

Families and individuals choose cremation for a variety of reasons. As you consider whether cremation is the right care solution, take a few moments to think about it. Are there any cultural or religious considerations that you wish to observe? What is the world view of the deceased? The family? Are financial constraints involved in the decision? What other customs or traditions does the family or fallen hold close that may influence the choice to cremate or not? What do survivors need from the tribute experience? Is it important for the mortal remains of the deceased to be present? If so, remember that arrangements can be made through funeral home services.

Quality Funeral Home and Cremations Care in Columbia, TN

Since 1935, the Cremation Society of Tennessee has been providing funeral home service and cremations in Columbia, TN. We are honored to serve the community as a trusted caretaker of those who pass away and strives to do so with high-level respect and dignity. Our facility is situated at 2014 Elmer Pogue Dr Ste 102 Columbia, TN 38401. Call our compassionate professionals for a conversation today about how we can serve your family: (615) 302-4842.

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quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations
You made this time of need go so much smoother. You came into my home, explained things to me, and were very nice, kind, and courteous.

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