Why Choose Funeral Home and Cremations Services in Brentwood, TN?

These days, cremation is an increasingly prevalent choice made by individuals and families facing the loss of a loved one. It is a growing alternative to casket burial that allows people to thoughtfully customize their final farewell in a unique and highly personalized manner. People are choosing funeral home and cremations in Brentwood, TN in an effort to streamline the funeral care experience in the following ways:

Cost: Cremation services can be much more affordable than a traditional burial service. This is particularly true of those who pre-plan and purchase cremation services to be fulfilled at some future time. Planning and paying for service at today’s prices locks in costs at a fixed amount.

Simplicity: Cremation can be completed in a quiet, simple manner. Cremation can completely avoid cost and arrangement for embalmment, casket burial, cemetery plot purchase, etc.

Environmentally Minded: The future of our planet is a concern for many people. Choosing cremation is a gentle alternative to caring for the environment by avoiding embalming chemicals, burying casket metals and funeral goods, and not limiting land use for future generations.

Convenience: Traditional burial generally requires the burial of the deceased soon after death. Any commemorative service will need to occur before burial if the body is to be present at the services. Cremation services are different in this regard. The cremation can occur long before family and friends gather together for a memorial service, which can be scheduled when it is convenient for all.

Proximity: After cremation, the ashes of your fallen loved one can be placed in a beautiful urn and kept with you at home, if wanted. If more than one person would like to keep a small part of their loved one close, the ashes can be divided and shared. Another thoughtful way that people utilize the ashes is to create custom jewelry keepsakes, using the ash as material in the crafting process.

What Type of Remembrance Service Should Your Family Choose?

There are many options when it comes to a final tribute for yourself or your loved one. Funerals are generally for tribute services where the body of the deceased will be present. Memorials are held when the deceased’s body is not present. This situation occurs for many reasons, cremation being among them. Other reasons may include a lost or missing body, or a burial that occurs before a funeral service could take place.

When you hold a funeral home and cremations in Brentwood, TN, you can still choose to have a viewing and traditional funeral service before cremation occurs. This option is perfectly acceptable but will require the body to be embalmed.

You can also choose to have a simple cremation without any tribute service of any kind. The deceased is simply transferred from the place where they died to the crematory for disposition. The body is treated with dignity and respect throughout the process. Ashes are then returned to the family for keeping or scattering as they see fit.

Is a Funeral Home and Cremations in Brentwood, TN the Right Choice?

The cremation of a fallen loved one is a very personal family decision. No one can firmly say one way or another if it is right for your family or not. However, there are a few things to consider before choosing this service type as a means of caring for the deceased. Take time to explore any religious views on the matter, as well as any cultural considerations, the deceased’s world view, and any other customs that may impact the decision.

It’s also worth taking some time to review if any financial constraints would influence the decision toward a more budget-friendly service such as cremation. Finally, think about what your family needs from this experience. Is there any reason to bury versus cremate that would be preferable for the family?

Final Resting Place

It’s important to know that cremation is not considered a final resting place. Rather, it is a means of dispositioning the remains of the body. The final resting place that you choose is up to you. Some families maintain ashes in urns at home. Others prefer to bury the urn in a cemetery, similar to a traditional burial. You can also place ashes in a columbarium, or mausoleum, or an urn garden. Some families also wish to scatter the ashes in a beautiful place with personal meaning.

Funeral Home Services and Cremation Care

The Cremation Society of Tennessee recognizes that families need options. If your family is considering cremation as a care solution for your loved one, let us help. We offer funeral home and cremations care in Brentwood, TN, and surrounding areas. Our compassionate care team can be found at our facility located at 2014 Elmer Pogue Dr Ste 102 Columbia, TN 38401. Call for a conversation today at (615) 302-4842.

Cremation FAQs

How much does your cremation service cost?

Our direct cremation service starts at $990. To learn more about our pricing and packages, click here.

Can more than one body be cremated at the same time?

No! It is illegal to perform multiple cremations at the same time. Contact us now for further information.

What is pre-planning and why should I do it?

You have many options when planning a cremation. If you preplan your service, you can be sure your wishes are carried out down to the last detail. Click here to start planning your today.

quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations

quote nashville tn funeral home and cremations
From the moment we first discussed our father’s impending death, you treated us with professionalism as well as great compassion. Not only did you respect our requests, but you suggested such wonderful, personal touches. From the liturgy to the visitation, you took the worry and stress off of our shoulders. Yes, we shed many tears, but you also enabled us to celebrate our father’s life. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

— Diane King and Sue Harsa (Chicago, IL) ~ children of Jack Mooney, Columbia, TN