William Allen Ryder

William Allen Ryder

December 13, 1975 - August 7, 2009

William Allen Ryder

December 13, 1975 - August 7, 2009


William “Billy” Ryder, age 33 of Kissimmee, FL, died Friday evening in Chattanooga, TN. A native of Tracy, CA, he was the son of George Allen Ryder and Kathleen Ann Halford. He was a skilled iron worker with Quinlan Enterprises, working on site in Chattanooga. Billy is survived by his wife: Dawn Ryder; and two children: Trisden and Anastasia Ryder, all of Kissimmee, FL; his mother: Kathleen Halford of Tampa, FL; father: George Allen Ryder of Richmond, CA; brother: Steven Halford of Palms River, NJ; and numerous uncles, aunts and extended family. The family will celebrate Billy’s life with a service in Florida.

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4 responses to William Allen Ryder

  1. I miss you Bill, very much and I love you. There are so many reason I love you. The smile you brought to my daughters face and the happiness you brought to her heart. Your beautiful daughter and handsome son, both of who are such a large part of you. I will love you always and miss you terribly. You will always be in my heart Bill. I’ll miss you letting me know that Anastasia is okay when I go to coddle her, or when you would say I know that Barbara will get me what I ask for Christmas, and for so many other reasons. Be happy Bill and know your family will be okay. So, until we come together again son-inlaw… Love Barbara

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Bill. I miss you honey. It has been over 7 months now and I’m confused with everything still. All of the bad luck we were having seemed to reduce a lot since the last wave of bad luck, which was you leaving… and I think, actually, I know it is because of you. Some amazing things have been happening, all of which are beyond any sort of worldly control, yet someone is controlling them. When I am weak, you give me strength. When I am crying, you send Anastasia to me out of the blue… even if she can’t hear me crying or see me sad, somehow she knows and comes running. I feel you sometimes, and I think I may see you too. Please keep it up. I love you.

  3. Dawn Ryder says:

    I miss you so much sweetheart. My life will never be the same without you. I am having a hard time getting by and I really need you to give me strength. We were supposed to grow old together and I don’t yet understand why this can’t happen. I can’t wait to see you again and please know that after a long life of taking care of the kids and ensuring they grow up to be strong and wonderful people, I’ll then see you again. Until then, please visit me… I want to feel you so bad. I am so sorry you were sad in Tennessee and I wish so much that you were back home with us. I love you more that you could ever know on Earth, I hope it is easier to see from heaven. Anastasia talks to you all the time, so I hope you can hear her. She even yelled real loud outside so you could hear her… I told her that you could, even if she whispered… I think you should visit her too. She misses you so much.

  4. My beautiful son Billy, I miss you so much and still don’t believe you are gone from me and all those who knew and loved you. I so want to hear your voice, see your beautiful smile, look into you sparkling blue eyes, feel your loving arms around me again only I know it can never happen again in this life. I faught so hard to give you life to only have it jerked away from me at such a young age. My only saving grace right now is the parts of you I see in your two children and I know your life will go on in them. I miss your calls to just tell me you love me and to have a good day. I miss everything about you, I can only pray you are in a better place now and that we will meet again soon. I Love you, Mom

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