Vernis Pauline Kern

Vernis Pauline Kern

December 4, 1930 - April 17, 2010

Vernis Pauline Kern

December 4, 1930 - April 17, 2010


Mrs. Vernis Pauline Kern, age 79 of Thompson’s Station, TN, died Saturday in NHC-Franklin. Mrs. Kern was a native of Dahlgren, IL and daughter of the late Clarence Fae and Stella Ann Hampson Bocock. She was a retired cook and a member of Peoples Church in Franklin. She is survived by six children: Shari Lynn Phistry of Thompson’s Station, TN, Connie Sue Garry McCombs of Creston, IL, Paul Richard Kern, Robert Patrick Kern of Spring Hill, TN, Gary Steven Sandy Kern of Kenosha, WI, and Ruth Dan Teige of Cornersville, TN. In addition, she is survived by 12 grandchildren: Kenneth Golwitzer, Todd Golwitzer, A. J. Heather Phistry, Robert Lee Renee Shea, Dale Lisa Kern, Travis Kern, Danielle Steven County, Katye Matt Anderson, Joshua Teige, Kenneth Curts, Paul Curts, and Jessie Banning; and 4 great-grandchildren: Amanda Shea, Ashlee Shea, Bradlee Shea, and Saffire Kern. Mrs. Kern was preceded in death by three siblings: Ed, Wanda, and Clarence. The family will conduct private services throughout the day on Tuesday, April 20th. *******************
Words & Remembrances from the Family: “Miracle Mom” In early Spring of Two Thousand Ten
The Good Lord called Mom home again.
Although her extended warranty is now expired
Her struggles in this world are now retired.
Reunited with her Maker, she’s restored anew.
The clouds have lifted from her rainbow’s hue. Born to sharecroppers in the great depression
She was blessed with love and a strong constitution.
Her bountiful harvest she loved to share.
Yeah, Jesus and Mom made quite a pair. Creating something from nothing was Mom’s way.
‘Twas a gift from God for her life’s stay.
Many miracles rained on her garden of life.
Her faith carried her through all her strife.
The winds carry her home on the song of a dove
Leaving us not only His, but all of her love. ~Connie Sue 4-20-10
***** She said she felt her time was near, but we were not to fear. Her heavenly Father was calling her home and she could now look in His awesome face. She also reminded me not to fret as she would always be near. She was our mother and our father. “Why worry when you can pray? The Lord is my Shepherd” ~Shari
***** Sweet mother of at least twenty one, but many more, wherever your sweet face shone. Always with us, love, He has called you home. ~Todd
***** Mom was is
– An angel entertaining angels the old lady at the door story.
– A friend to the friendless always including and loving everyone
– A servant of all she took care of everyone
– A rainbow, a clown, a cousin of it Santa Claus
– A painter, a poet, a writer of life and wit
– A great grandmother, a grandmother, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and aunt, a great aunt, wife, great niece, niece, grand daughter
– M*A*S*H watcher, puzzle doer, card player, bead maker, cook, truck driver, controller
“What do you want to do?” “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”
“People are just dyin’ to go there.” ~Ruth
***** She was Rainbow Grandma. She told me every color something special attached to it. On one of her last days here we sat and thought of each color and something beautiful attached to it. She loved to bring hope to people around her especially when they had none left. ~Katye
***** “How do you feel?” “With my fingers.”
“Railroad crossings, railroad cars. How do you spell that without any R’s?” T-H-A-T – “Jesus loves me this I know” ~Connie
***** My favorite memory is playing Skipbo and watching M*A*S*H with Grandma. I never had a worry in the world when we had our M*A*S*H times. ~Danielle
***** My favorite memory is every sense I was a baby when we said goodbye to each other. We would try to get each other with furbers on the neck. ~ A.J. ***** I’m grateful for the last few years with Mom to reacquaint with each other after so many years apart. Mom was a teacher. She helped me to see the bright things in life and not be so pessimistic, and she’s still teaching me after she has passed. And I’ll miss her! ~Bob
***** A Lyndard Skynard song called Simple Man. Mom didn’t know about Lynard Skynard, but she taught me the same thingBe a simple man. Don’t go for the rich man’s gold. Be yourself. But I settled for less twice. Came back in my face. I learned the hard way. I thought I was on Candid Camera until I met the woman my Mom was talking about. Then it all clicked. I found the big gold I was looking for. She didn’t get to meet my Mom, but my Mom knows her. Because Mom told me if I love her, she loves her. Mom is Mom and Dad to me. She taught me to be the kind of man a lady would want. To open doors. And, God, take care of my Mom. !~Paul
***** Mom, I’m going to miss you. And I would just like to know what do you want do now? – I don’t know, what do you want to do? What would you like to do now? I don’t know, but let’s not start this again. Okay. So what do you want to do now? I don’t know. What do you want to do now? I don’t know, but let’s nor start this again. Okay. I’m done. May God bless you all. And may God bless y’all. Love, Gar-Gar. ~Gary
***** Best Mother-in-law ever/ Love ya. ~Sandy

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13 responses to Vernis Pauline Kern

  1. Any one that knew my mother would know she had a awesome sense of humor. A lot of the sayings that My brothers and sisters and I wrote here were hers. She had a million of them. My mother was always there for me and I loved her very much. She had love enough for everyone and felt that one of the reasons she was placed here on earth was to share Gods love. I thank my heavenly father for giving her to us for a mother. Shari

  2. Mom, I love you and miss you so much. I hope you are having a nice visit with your Mom, brothers and sisters. Shari

  3. Although gone from this physical realm, my sweet grandmother is all around us I know. A truly noble woman who let the enormous amount of love in her heart into all she touched. I feel blessed to have known her so well and to have been a part of her life. Rest in peace Grandma, and Ill see you soon. I love you.

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